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Black Hills Bagels has been serving Dark Canyon Specialty Coffee Company since 1999! Like our gourmet bagels and cream cheeses, Dark Canyon offers fresh, custom coffees unique to the Black Hills. Dark Canyon uses Arabica beans from small scale farmers around the world who get a fair price and who respect the land and environment. Dark Canyon’s skilled Roastmaster custom blends and roasts the beans to create artisan coffee across the flavor spectrum from light and bright to bold and hold….on to your hat!

Black Hills Bagels Certified Barista (and El Presidente’) Jack Jensen  has collaborated with 
Dark Canyon Coffee to bring you a perfect range of satisfying coffees every day

November coffee of the month - panama


This unique coffee hails from the world-famous Finca Lérida – the very first
coffee plantation ever established in Panama and still renowned today as
producing some of the best and most desirable coffees in the world.
This Natural process coffee is full of dried fruit and berries: it’s got the
provenance AND a stunning profile.

After being selectively harvested, with only the ripest cherries being picked, the
coffee is submerged in water to ‘float’ the underripe and damaged cherries away.
The denser cherries are dried in the sun for between 20 and 22 days. The coffee is
then stored for about 60 days and then delivered to the dry mill for processing .
Take advantage of this opportunity to try a new “taste of place”. Try a cup here
and take some home for yourself.

Tastes great served with a toasted Pumpkin Bagel and
Pumpkin cream cheese!


Jax Black  LogoCup1

Dark roasted for a full bodied and bold taste. It’s tall, dark and Havesome! (El Presidente’s favorite…he helped develop it)




Beans2Colombian Supremo

Grown high in the Medellin and Armenia ranges in Colombia,  these beans are typically washed and sun dried on patios of small farmers.  Medium, balanced beans offer a smooth, high caliber  cup of coffee to take you to the height of coffee heaven!



Highlander GroggBeans3

Mexican Altura (which means heights) beans grow in the rich,
volcanic soil high in Mexico’s central and southern mountain ranges.
Subtle notes of Butterscotch, French Vanilla and Irish Cream
make this sweet, rich and nutty combination our most popular coffee.
Visitors often grab a pound or two of beans for the saddle bag! 



Coffee4Vanilla Nut

A light roast with a hint of hazelnut in the background.  Pair it with a toasted Vanilla Nut bagel and  Honey Almond cream cheese. Go ahead…make your day!




DeCaf CoffeeBag5

Highlander Grogg is our choice for the best tasting decaffeinated coffee. Dark Canyon uses the water processed method to decaffeinate.  Shot in the Dark: Espresso shot over a Jax Black for a thick mouth feel – some say strong enough to float a horseshoe!



New Orleans: Medium, dark and complex blend. Bold flavor and a smooth satisfying finish. It’s the perfect roast for lattes, cappuccinos and Machiattos ( a dollop of foam on top of the espresso) Have you tried espresso over locally churned Silver Lining Ice Cream! It’s called Affogato which means “drowned” in Italian.

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