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our famous bagels

Amigo | Blueberry | Cinnamon Swirl | Cinnamon Raison Swirl | Cheddar | Chocolate Chunk | Cranberry | Everything | Garlic | Great Grain | Honey Whole Wheat | Onion | Plain | Poppy Seed | Sesame | Spinach Parmesan |
Sundried Tomato Basil | Strawberry | Vanilla Nut | Veggie | White Chocolate Chip

Just a Bagel — $2.03
Bagel with Butter — $2.40
Bagel with Cream Cheese — $4.02
½ dozen bagels — $10.00
1 dozen bagels— $18.25
Day old bagels (3 pk) — $3.73
2-Day old bagels (3 pk) — $2.20


2 oz (single serving) $2.04 | 4 oz (serves up to 3)  $4.08 | 8 oz (serves 6)  $7.33 | 16 oz (serves 12) $12.26

Blueberry | Brown Sugar Cinnamon | Cheddar Pepper | Cucumber Dill |
Honey Almond | Olive and Pimento | Onion & Chive | Plain
Spinach | Parmesan | Strawberry
Sundried Tomato Basil | Vanilla Frosting | Veggie.
Also available: Hummus, Honey Whipped Peanut Butter, and Butter

Build your own sandwich

(Price varies)

Build your own sandwich on any one of our famous bagels
Every bagel sandwich includes a pickle spear.

Choose any one of our famous bagels,
cream cheese, protein, veggies, and sliced cheese!

Fresh Cut Veggies:
Lettuce,  tomato, cucumber,  alfalfa sprouts, green peppers, black olives,
red onions, jalapeno peppers, and sunflower seeds.


Egg, bacon, sausage, ham, turkey, beef

Sliced Cheese

American, pepperjack, Swiss, provolone or gouda


Mayonnaise, ranch, mustard, and spicy mustard also available. 

Peanuts, nuts, soy, dairy,
garlic, wheat, gluten, fish?
Please let us know!

signature breakfast SANDWICHES

Available on any bagel you'd like. $10.09 each


Choice of Bagel, Ham, Egg, Cheddar Pepper Cream Cheese,
Pepperjack Cheese, Green pepper & Onion.

Hogs & Chicks

Choice of Bagel, Bacon, Egg, American Cheese,
Onion & Chive Cream Cheese.

Sassy Cowgirl 

Choice of Bagel, Sausage, Egg,
Veggie Cream Cheese, Provalone Cheese, Tomatoes.

Urban Cowboy 

Choice of Bagel, Beef, Egg, Horsey mayo,
Pepperjack Cheese, Green pepper & sprouts.

Maple Morning 

Choice of Bagel, sausage, egg, butter and maple syrup.

signature lunch sandwiches

Rough Rider  $10.09

Sumptuous roast beef, pepper steak cream cheese,
and green peppres with melted Swiss cheese
on a sourdough bagel. (Hot sandwich)

Nova Lox $10.39

Wild caught Atlantic smoked salmon, plain cream cheese,
capers & red onion on your choice of bagel

Chicken Salad $9.65

Mouth watering white-meat chicken salad,
lettuce & cucumber on your choice of bagel

Pizza Bagel $10.09

Pepperoni, sundried tomato basil cream cheese
& melted provolone on your choice of bagel


Available May - September

Large salads with homemade gourmet dressing. $9.49 each 

"The Chef of all Salads"

Arcadia Lettuce, Swiss Cheese, Turkey, Ham, Green onion, sliced egg, shredded Cheddar Cheese, cucumber, tomato, red onion, green pepper, sunflower seeds, alfalfa sprouts

"How the Caesar Salad was Won"

Arcadia Lettuce, Lox, Capers,
red onion, cucumber, tomato

"Vegan, Vegan"

Arcadia Lettuce, Garbanzo beans, chopped red onion, dried cranberries, cucumber, tomato, green pepper, sunflower seeds, alfalfa sprouts, gouda (optional)

 Choice of Chef D's gourmet dressings (4 ounce servings)

Bleu Cheese | Blueberry Pomergranite | Ranch

a la carte

Soup, salad, chili, chips (Miss Vickie's), Fruit cup

Soup is available September - May

Hearty, savory and great tasting soups prepared daily in our kitchen all season long!

Soup of the Day

Cup — $2.99
Bowl  $3.55
Bagel Bowl  $5.69

Big Dick's Chili

Cup  $3.99
Bowl  $5.10
Bagel Bowl  $6.39

Soup on the Move $39.00

Disposable carafe: includes ladle, soup cups, spoons, napkins, wet naps, crackers & mints (serves up to 12)

Big Dick's Chili on the Move  $49.00

Disposable carafe: includes ladle, soup cups, spoons, napkins, wet naps, crackers & mints (serves up to 12)

the espresso / gourmet coffee

More About Black Hills Bagels Coffee

6 DAILY Fresh Brews — 12oz, 16oz & 20oz
Lattes, cappucinos, and more...all prepared by two certified Baristas on staff!

Coffee on the Move  $19.16
Disposable 96oz coffee carafe, includes cups & condiments.
Perfect for catering, office meetings and special events
where only Gourmet Dark Canyon Coffee will do!

desserts & Other treats

Bourbon Street Bread Pudding

Made in our kitchen using our day old bagels and a little bourbon (cheapest we can find)
along with Vegan friendly cookies,  chocolates,
biscotti and whatever we feel like preparing that day!

Other Good Stuff

Cinnamon Knot — $1.90
Scone — $3.29